Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We offer a white patent vis-a-vis (french for face-to-face) with velvet upholstery carriage that will seat up to six passengers. The driver and footman wear tails and top hats. Carriage transportation is usually limited to 2 miles due to time constraints. It takes the horses approximately 10-15 mins. to go a mile. Transportation routes are flexible, to or from the wedding service or reception, depending on your preference. We will meet with the bride or groom several weeks prior to your special date to work out the specific details. Please call for pricing.


Sleigh RIDES

Imagine winter sleigh rides in North Carolina with NO snow required! We offer two sleighs for hire, one seats up to 12 people at a time, and the other can seat up to 20. Sleigh rides make a great addition to winter & holiday events and parties. Please call for pricing.


Hay rides are a terrific at any time of the year and will add terrific memories and fun to any event. It will hold up to 20 people. Hay rides do not exceed two hours due to the welfare of the horses. Please call for pricing.

*gOLD LEAF CARRIAGE IS FULLY INSURED. all carriages and vehicles are equipped with lights, so transportation may be provided day or evening. Carriage service will be provided in inclement weather--including rain or extreme heat or cold if desired. 

Percheron horses pulling a beautiful horse drawn hearse? This time honored method of funeral is not a vanished tradition - it is offered by Gold Leaf Carriage. We offer two horse  drawn hearses, a black antique circa 1892' Mertz & Riddle hearse and a white hearse usually favored for services for ladies and children. We also offer a military or dignitary flatbed hearse for displaying the flag and or the military branch seal. The driver and footman wear tails and top hats. We would not expect to exceed a distance of approximately 2 miles, with event duration of up to 2 hours. There will be additional charges for funerals that require more time. If distance between service locations is an issue, we can meet the funeral car at a location staging area for transfer. Our services will be customized based on the needs of the family and all reasonable request will be honored. Please call for pricing.


When is the last time you watched a funeral procession being led by a pair of majestic 

Gold Leaf Carriage

picnic rides

Available for 2 hour blocks. Great for proposals, picnics, or afternoon rides around town. Please call for pricing.